Before the Rampage

Trek Stories: Brandon Semenuk

Before the Rampage

It's 2006 and Trek is building a freeride program; A team of independent riders to travel the globe and push the limits of mountain biking. Freeride pioneer and longtime Trek athlete Andrew Shandro is pressing us to support a 14-year-old from Whistler. The soft-spoken Canadian kid didn't call much attention to himself, but he was a hard worker, laser focused, and very grounded for being a teenager. We got him a frame and some parts, and stood in amazement at what he did with them. Young shredders aren't hard to find in Whistler, but this kid was progressing way faster than anyone else. And in short order, we all witnessed the ascent of this generation's most talented mountain biker.

We're inspired by the great athletes who ride Trek bikes, from world champions to weekend warriors. They remind us to dream big, and motivate us to do our best.

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When we took a chance on a quiet kid from Whistler, we had no idea exactly what we were getting. What we got was Brandon Semenuk.

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