Mountain: Batty Rides Trek Superfly to Huge Sea Otter Weekend

19/04/2011By James Collins

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Story Highlights

  • Smallest Subaru-Trek rider wins big aboard 29” wheels
Proving yet again that 29” wheels provide an edge no matter the size of the rider, 5’2” 2010 Canadian U23 Champion Emily Batty scorched the competition aboard her team-issue Superfly at the Sea Otter Classic this past weekend in Monterey, CA.
In her first season racing aboard a 29er, Batty announced her arrival to the Elite level in one of the season’s most anticipated races. After out-sprinting more seasoned competition, Batty reflected on the biggest win of her career. “Every race, my confidence on the 29er grows and it continues to amaze me. It just feels faster.”
A third place finish in the women’s short track event at Laguna Seca Raceway keeps Emily’s podium streak alive as she has appeared on the steps at every national race this season. Adding to the moment was that the win occurred in front of the team’s founder and 29er godfather, Gary Fisher.