Battle of the ages

Trek Stories: Battle of the ages

Battle of the ages

Jasper Stuyven raises the Hullabaloo in Waterloo trophy.

It's an age-old struggle: experience vs. youth. Watch the two square off in a bracketed, head-to-head sprint-off between the crafty Bontrager product development Joes and the cocky Bontrager Cycling Team Pros. We built a boxing ring at Trek HQ, tapped a few kegs for the crowd, and challenged the BCT kids to bring it. Spoiler alert: they did.

We're inspired by the great athletes who ride Trek bikes, from world champions to weekend warriors. They remind us to dream big, and motivate us to do our best.

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It's another boxing ring bike brawl, as the @BontragerCT Pros square off against our Bontrager Joes in Hullabaloo II.

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