Coaster brake

Speed control is all in the legs for the little ones.

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Dialed frame fit

All Trek kids' frames are dialled with the proper length, standover height, and body position to make the bike more stable, and fit correctly as the child grows.

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Dialed handlebar & stem

Each size bike has the appropriate length and width for its age range, combined with adjustable reach for just the right fit.

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Dialed saddle

Each size bike has the appropriate size saddle for its age range, combined with the ability to adjust the height as the child grows.

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Dialed pedal size

Every model is equipped with kid-size pedals to fit smaller feet.

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Dialed crank length

Each size of bike is the appropriate length for its age range.

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Dialed gearing

Every model is dialled to the rider’s age and strength, so the bike is just right for fun, not too hard or too easy to pedal.

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Dialed brake lever size

Adjustable-reach brake levers are closer to small hands for safe and confident stopping power.

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Dialed grip diameter

Every model is equipped with smaller-diameter grips to fit younger hands.

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Hand brakes

Confident stopping for youngsters who are ready to control their speed with their hands.

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The secret to a clean, dry ride in less-than-perfect conditions.

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No gear shifting necessary, so beginners can learn balance and basic riding skills.

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Alpha Aluminium frame

Trek's lightweight, high-performance aluminium is durable and rustproof.

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Jet 20



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MT 60 Girl’s

Mystic 20

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