Fuel Exe FAQ

Are there any frame updates or new features found on the alloy bike that weren’t on the earlier carbon Fuel EXe?

Yes! Alloy Fuel Exe models are compatible with the same angle-adjust headset that works with the Fuel EX Gen 6. This allows riders to install optional angled headset cups to slacken or steepen the head tube by one degree.
All other amazing features are the same between alloy and carbon models, including 140 mm rear and 150 mm front travel, progressive trail geometry and rider-focused details like room for big shocks and long droppers.
For hardware and service part specs, refer to the service manual.

Do any frame sizes feature curved top tubes for lower standover?


How much dropper post insertion does the frame have? (alloy & carbon)

S – 190 mm, M – 225 mm, L – 250 mm, XL – 280mm. The minimum amount of insertion is 80 mm.

What is the maximum fork axle-to-crown and/or travel?

160 mm or 575 mm axle-to-crown.

Which version of Knock Block does it use?

The Fuel EXe does not have Knock Block. The fork crown clears the downtube, and although Knock Block is still great for preventing cables from getting pulled in the event of a crash, we prioritised the integrated display instead.

What is the rear brake mount? What is the max rotor size?

180 mm direct mount, max 203 mm.

Are Shimano E-Rotors compatible?


Are any special tools needed for the frame or e-system?

A standard 20-spline BB tool and chain whip are needed to remove the chain ring.
Retailers will need the TQ Service Dongle 5289577 and the TQ Dealer Service Tool software which can be downloaded from TQ’s dealer portal. For more instructions, refer to the Trek U module.

Do all frame sizes use the same wheel size?

Yes, all frame sizes come stock with 29” wheels.

Is it compatible with other wheel/tyre sizes?

Yes, this bike is mullet-compatible. Riders can run a 27.5” rear wheel for better bike-to-body clearance and more agile handling. This requires the Mino Link to be in the High position. Note, the smaller wheel circumference will affect the accuracy of the speed reading and cannot be adjusted. For example, switching to a 27.5 x 2.5 rear wheel and tyre combination will reduce cut-off speed by about 0.6 mph (1 km/h).

What is the maximum tyre size?


Are these bikes tubeless-compatible? What additional parts are required?

All Fuel EXe models come completely tubeless with rim strips, valves and sealant.

Are all sizes compatible with a water bottle?

Yes. Size Small is only compatible with a 590 ml bottle.

Does it have any accessory mounts (kickstand, racks, mudguards, lights)?

The Fuel EXe does not have those mounts.

What is the maximum chain ring size? Minimum chain ring size?

Max: 34T round, Min: 30T, most 104 BCD rings should work. Oval rings of any size are not recommended as they will affect motor performance.

What is the chain line?

55 mm

What is the crank interface?

Standard ISIS interface for e-bikes.

Does it have ISCG mounts?

No, but it does have mounts for the custom e*Thirteen chain guard that is included with some models. Refer to the service manual for part number.

Why is there a wire coming out of my AXS derailleur?

The SRAM Extension Cord powers your AXS derailleur with the main e-system battery so you never have to worry about charging your AXS battery separately. Refer to the service manual for replacement or aftermarket part number.

In which Mino Link position is the bike dispatched?


Which aftermarket shocks are compatible?

We know that the following shocks will fit. Other shocks may fit, as there is generous clearance, but should be checked for frame clearance at full-suspension compression.
- Fox Float X
- Fox DHX
- RockShox Super Deluxe
- All coil shocks from Fox and RockShox

What size hardware is required for aftermarket shocks?

205 mm x 60 mm eye-to-eye, 54 mm x 10 mm trunnion mount upper, 40 mm x 8 mm pin mount lower.

Is there an app?

Yes! Download the Trek Central app for iOS in the Apple App Store or for Android in the Google Play store and follow the prompts.
You can also view the App FAQ here: https://www.trekbikes.com/trek-central-faq/

What is the difference between the Trek app and the TQ app?

The Trek app does everything the TQ app does, including motor behaviour customisation, range estimations and general e-system information. In addition, the Trek app includes tyre and suspension pressure set-up recommendations, service reminders, useful navigation and range features, activity tracking and more!

Can I connect the Fuel EXe to my Garmin or other device?

Yes! You can pair most Bluetooth or ANT+ cycling computers.

How does the TQ Harmonic Pin Ring motor function differently from other eMTB motors?

Most other e-bike motors use gears and belts to transmit power. These parts take up more space and can make noise or break. The HPR50 uses a harmonic drive transmission that’s small, simple and dependable.

Does it have wiring for lights?

AXS-equipped bikes come with the TQ Smart Box installed. It has output ports for front light, rear light, aux 12 and electronic shifting. It is not included on non-AXS models but can be added as an upgrade.
All models require an authorised retailer to install lights due to the need for splicing the correct light connectors, as well as activating the output ports on the Smart Box via the TQ Diagnostic Service Tool.
Refer to the TQ service manual for part numbers and further instructions.

Will Trek have all TQ spare parts in stock?

Trek will stock TQ parts that are used on Fuel EXe, as well as the optional Range Extender. We will not stock TQ parts that are not used on Fuel EXe.

What if I remove the internal battery entirely? For example, if I'm flying with the bike?

The derailleur will not shift. You can solve this two ways: by attaching an AXS battery (sold separately) to the derailleur and removing/securing the unused extension cable or by using the TQ Range Extender battery (sold separately) in place of the internal battery. Check with your airline before travelling to confirm that the 160 Wh TQ Range Extender complies with your airline's carry-on regulations.

Are replacement/extra batteries available?

Yes, Trek distribution centres will stock TQ batteries. Due to hazmat shipping regulations, batteries cannot be returned.

How much does the battery weigh?

1,835 grams

Can the battery be charged when it has been removed from the bike?

Yes. There is a charge level indicator on the battery with five bars and an optical switch. Cover the bar on the end, and the rest will light up according to the current charge level.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Approximately two hours.

Will the battery be damaged if it is plugged in too long?

No, it will just stop charging when it is full. However, never leave a charging battery unattended.

Will the battery be damaged if it discharges all the way?

No, but you should charge it. The battery can be damaged by storing it completely empty. If you aren’t going to ride the bike for three months or more, keep the battery charged above 30%.

Are there any other special instructions for the battery?

Please note that the battery will only last to about 15% capacity the first time it is depleted. So don’t be alarmed if the range on your first ride is a little shorter than expected. After the first full depletion and subsequent charging, the battery management system will 'learn' what it needs to know and will deplete all the way to 0% on future rides.
Also note that whenever the battery reaches less than 10% charge, the motor output will be reduced to 110 watts. The battery level indicator will flash to indicate Low Battery mode.

How do customers get the Range Extender?

They can order it through their local Trek retailer in-store or online at Trekbikes.com. Range Extenders purchased online will be dispatched to the customer’s Trek retailer of choice. Range Extender batteries are not eligible for return by the retailer due to hazmat shipping regulations. Each retailer will set their own policy regarding customer returns of Range Extender batteries.

Do I need any other parts for Range Extender?

You’ll also need the retention strap (5299107), power cable (5289575) and four button head cap fasteners (W575056).

How much does the Range Extender weigh?

900 grams

How much extra range do you get?

Approximately 40% additional range.

Can I ride the Fuel EXe with only the Range Extender and no battery?

Yes! This also allows you to fly with the Fuel EXe by leaving the main battery behind and taking the Range Extender in your carry-on. Check with your airline before travelling to confirm compliance with regulations.

With the main battery removed do I need a cover for the frame if only riding with the Range Extender?

We recommend re-installing the battery cover even when the main battery is not installed. You will need to purchase the battery cover clip nut that slides onto the frame to take the place of the lower battery nut when the battery isn’t installed. The battery cover has a tab on the inside of it to stash your clip nut when the battery is installed.

How long does it take the Range Extender to charge?

Approximately one hour.

Are all sizes compatible with Range Extender?


Is the Range Extender compatible with any bottle cage?

We strongly recommend using the Bontrager Side Load cage and the Range Extender retention strap (sold separately). Other cages may work, but we have not tested them.

What is the range?

Range varies significantly depending on many factors such as rider weight, assist level, tyre choice, riding surface, terrain and more. Varies from 2 – 5 hours.

How many assist modes are there?

There are three assist modes.

Is there a dynamic mode like Bosch’s eMTB mode?

All three modes are dynamic and tuned by Trek for mountain biking.

Can I customise the assist behaviour?

Yes. Both the Trek and TQ apps allow you to adjust max power, assist factor and pedal response. If you don’t like your changes, it’s easy to reset back to the factory settings.

Is there a walk assist?

Yes. See the Quick Start guide for instructions.

Can I ride without the remote?

Not if you want assist. You can turn the bike on by pressing the button on the display, but you must use the remote to select an assist mode.

Will the e-system work in extreme temperatures?

Follow the temperature range guidelines in the Quick Start guide.

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