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The all-new Émonda

Crazy light, crazy fast

The all-new Émonda has aerodynamic tube shaping that helps riders go faster than ever on flats and climbs alike. And because we refused to sacrifice weight for speed, Émonda still has the incredible lightweight ride quality and balanced handling that made it a racing legend in the first place.

Our fastest Émonda, by the numbers

The all-new Émonda SLR is faster than its predecessor (and its competition) on almost any climb. And the steeper the grade, the bigger the benefit. Here’s how it stacks up to the previous Émonda SLR:

60 seconds per hour faster on flats

18 seconds per hour faster at 8% grade

182 grams of drag saved

Trek’s fastest climbing bike

The new Émonda SLR frame still weighs less than 700 g, but all-new aero tube shaping adds even more speed.

Our best carbon yet

It takes more material to make aero shapes, but we refused to compromise on weight – so we developed all-new 800 Series OCLV Carbon for Émonda SLR.

Speedy design details

All new Émonda models have hidden cable routing, most come with aero wheels and Émonda SLR comes with an aerodynamic Aeolus RSL bar/stem.

The all-new Emonda is the best bike I have ever ridden

Incredible performance, unbeatable price

The Émonda SL delivers the same legendary performance and aerodynamic tube shaping as Émonda SLR – it’s just built with 500 Series OCLV Carbon. It isn’t quite as light as 800 Series OCLV Carbon, but the trade-off is a more wallet-friendly price!

Explore the Émonda family

Émonda SL

Balanced ride quality, superior handling and the added benefit of free speed thanks to new aero tube shaping. Wrought from our ultralight 500 Series OCLV Carbon.

Émonda SLR

Lightest, fastest, first up every climb – this bike delivers incredible ride quality and aerodynamic advantage. Its frame is made of all-new 800 Series OCLV Carbon and weighs less than 700 grams.

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