A kinder way to ride

Today’s front bicycle lights are marvels – small, compact and intensely bright. They do an incredible job of igniting the world ahead of you whether you roll on roads, paths or trails – great for you, but not always great for others moving towards you. Commuter Pro and Commuter Comp lights illuminate the way with Kindbeam technology that keeps light on the path ahead and out of other riders’ eyes. A better light for you and others.

Inside kindness

Kindbeam technology uses a sophisticated lens and reflector that directs the beam towards the surface you’re riding on and prevents the light from shining upwards. Simply mount the light level on your handlebars or stem and it will shine forwards, but not upwards, focusing its lumens where it matters most without glaring into the eyes of others.

Commuter Pro RT is a step above the rest, packing in more features that set the standard for the best bike lights.


Cleanly mount your light to your bike for a tidy, integrated set-up with Blendr.

The Commuter Family

Commuter Pro RT

  • • The best light for any kind of rider on trail, path or road
  • • Commuter Kindbeam
  • • Daytime Running Light
  • • 1,000 lumen high beam
  • • Chargeback with USB-C for charging other devices
  • • Wireless control with compatible rear lights
  • • Dual fuel gauge for front and rear light
  • • IPX4 water resistant

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Commuter Comp R

  • • The budget-friendly light that’s kind to other riders
  • • Commuter Kindbeam
  • • Daytime Running Light
  • • Rechargeable battery with micro-USB
  • • IPX4 water resistant

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Find your light

Commuter Lights with their Kindbeam tech are the go-to when you share the road or bike path with other riders. But, if you ride far from others and want to light up the whole forest, Ion Lights with a traditional round beam pattern are there to shine light on things. Ion Lights come in an array of sizes, from compact and lower lumen options all the way up to the incredibly bright Ion Pro RT that shines with a whopping 1,300 lumens.

Brightest light: Ion Pro RT

When you’re taking to the trail after dark and want the most lumens possible, reach for Ion Pro RT. It packs in a massive 1,300 lumens with a round beam to illuminate the trail and your surroundings.

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Not all lights are created equal. Commuter Lights don’t just illuminate your way, they also help you stay seen day or night with Daytime Running Light technology. A dedicated DayFlash mode delivers an interruptive flash pattern strategically designed with a focused flash that shines and an impressive range. Daytime Running Lights can help you be seen earlier by motorists, which is why we recommend riding with both front and rear Daytime Running Lights from dawn to dusk and beyond.

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