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Rail electric mountain bikes

Same trails, whole new world

Electric mountain bikes are everything you already love about trail riding, but more of it. More speed. More power. More distance. More terrain. But Rail’s even more than that – it’s an electric mountain bike that gives you a more engaging relationship with the trail.

More power

Anyone can attach a motor to a trail bike, but a great e-MTB amplifies the experience you already love. With Rail, each e-MTB mode delivers power naturally and predictably across the full range of assist, so you’ll never be left hanging or lurching. The e-MTB mode gives you a little bit more punch; e-MTB Lite takes a step back and lets you do the punching.

More distance. No worries.

33 miles/3 hours
Range on harder, difficult terrain

50 miles/5 hours
Range on easy, smooth terrain

Ride further with Rail’s long-range trail system, which offers up to 50 miles or 5 hours of continuous assist. The trail-tuned boost lets you pack a week’s worth of riding into a single day. Rip through rugged terrain, pin your descent, then turn straight back up the mountain for another lap.

Trek's one-piece Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system is the most user-friendly e-MTB set-up available. It keeps your battery hidden and protected in the frame, and you can access it from the drive-side of your bike without any extra tools.

Battery size
625Wh or 500Wh

Charge time
3-5 hours

Powered by Bosch

If you own something with a button or a screen, you probably already depend on Bosch. But what you might not know is that this technology provider has been quietly running your devices for decades. Since 1886, they’ve built a reputation for precision and quality. Today, their technology is trusted in nearly half the world’s phones, millions of homes and offices and garages around the globe, and even on the International Space Station. Does this make them the most over-qualified supplier of e-bike systems ever? Well, yeah. But we wouldn’t partner with anyone that wasn’t. Why? Because dependability is everything. You can count on Bosch when it matters. (Just ask an astronaut.)

Global network of support

Bosch drive systems are renowned for their reliability and ease of use. They deliver a powerful, natural-feeling ride so you can focus on enjoying the trail. Plus, Bosch offers global support and service that can’t be matched!

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Additional e-MTB options


Powerfly is the ideal electric mountain bike for new riders who want a fun introduction to the wide world of singletrack. It's stacked with proven Trek trail features, just with less travel and a more comfortable geometry.

Powerfly Equipped

All the trail capability of Powerfly, with a full suite of integrated accessories for light trail rides or commuting, like a rack, mudguards, lights and more. Available in hardtail and full-suspension models.

Trails are better with Trek e-MTBs

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