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Google Maps isn’t just for cars. Swipe over to find your best #GoByBike route.

In today’s car-centric world, we’re conditioned to believe that we belong on motorways and major roadways. But there’s more than one way to get from A to B, and going by bike can give you access to far more efficient and beautiful routes.

With a digital route-planner like Google Maps, you can plug in your day’s stops using the “bike route” function and automatically get the ride-friendliest route.

On Google Maps, all you have to do is click the bike icon at the top of your screen. It’s a quick and easy way to find your best #GoByBike option—and Google Maps will even give you a ride time estimate.

They use a 10 mph standard average riding speed in their algorithm, but we bet that’s conservative for most riders (you’ll probably go much faster on an electric bike).

In many places, taking bike paths and low-traffic roads is the fastest alternative to driving. You don’t have to waste your day sitting in traffic or battling for a place to park.

There are a lot of options, and some will be better for you than others depending on where you live. Check out Google Maps, Strava and bikemaps to find the best route near you.

GoogleMaps is a trademark of Alphabet Inc.

There are a lot of options, and some will be better for you than others depending on where you live.

Google Maps

Google Maps has a built-in bike map feature that’ll give you your best bike route along low-traffic roads and bike paths – and it’ll even give you a ride time estimate. Drop in your destination and swipe over to the bike icon, then use it just like you’d use Google Maps in a car.

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Strava is a fitness-tracking app that allows you to find local rides, track your progress and compare your metrics on segments of your ride to other cyclists in your area. It’s a great platform for discovering the fun, popular bike routes in your region, and an excellent option for training and fitness.

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Plot your course on an online map with bikemap, then upload the file to your compatible bike computer for turn-by-turn directions – or, discover a ride that's new to you by choosing an existing route from the millions of options in this app's collection.

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This peopleforbikes programme gives you great route options directly on your phone. Follow simple, on-screen navigation or audible turn-by-turn directions, and tell your ride story by uploading photos! Bonus: RIDE SPOT will let you know about upcoming rides or events that may interest you.

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