Over 25 years ago we reinvented the beach cruiser. And oops, we did it again. Our Classic Cruiser has gone electric. Don’t worry, the streamlined design, superior comfort and Flat Foot Technology® are still there, but we’ve added Electra's e-bike system making this electrified single-speed easy to ride and ready to go when you are. Featuring the new integrated battery, you might not even realise it’s an e-bike.

The simplicity of the new Cruiser Go! makes the perfect canvas for personalisation. Check out our new accessory collections featuring custom designed mudguards, helmets, bells and bags.



The rear hub motor is a lightweight, efficient system that gives you up 20 mph (25 km/h in Europe) pedal-assisted support. Great for longer rides or even the short ones, right?


The fully integrated battery keeps your lines clean and charges up fully in just four hours. It’ll keep you going for up to 40 miles too.


The single-speed Cruiser Go! features mechanical disc brakes, balloon tyres, and our Flat Foot Technology, providing more comfort and control while riding further and more often.

The Kākau Go! is an homage to the islands of Polynesia, the birthplace of surf. A beautiful Matte Ember frame is reminiscent of the lava rock found throughout the islands. Detailing inspired by the traditional tattoo art form known as Kākau, is found throughout the bike giving you that feeling of discovering the perfect surf spot.

Shibori Go! was inspired by the ancient technique of Japanese indigo pigment dyeing, or what is now known as tie-dying. The Shibori patchwork pattern can be found in varying shades of blue throughout the mudguards, frame and chain guard, with subtle touches on the back of the saddle and grips. Rich blue painted rims and a beautiful fade from crisp white to indigo blue make this Artist Series e-bike an absolute stunner of a ride.

Bali Go! will transport you to the lush tropical rain forests and beaches of Bali. Inspired by the colour, culture and biodiversity of this beautiful island, this Artist Series e-bike features intricate leaf patterns in rich metallic greens throughout the sand-coloured frame. Painted rims and debossed leaves on the saddle and grips add subtle beauty to this customised ride. Umbrella drink not included.


Whether you like to cruise, commute, challenge yourself or are just looking to go further or faster, there’s an Electra e-bike for everyone.

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Looking for something a little bit extra? From artsy to attitude, every e-bike in the Artist Series collection is amazing in its own way. Hop on one of these rolling works of art.

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