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Ticket has been honed to perfection over a decade of whips, flips and mind-blowing tricks by the world's best slope-style riders.

Brandon Semenuk

Rowdy trail riding, home-grown jumps and yet more proof that Brandon Semenuk is one of the most progressive riders of all time.

Tom van Steenbergen

C3 Project rider Tom van Steenbergen finds inspiration at the crossroads of slope-style and big mountain riding. Watch as he shows off his signature slope-style moves in the arid mountains of southern Utah.

Brett Rheeder

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. If Mother Nature gives you the driest, dustiest summer in a century, you put on an all-time smoke show.

Ryan Howard

Watch as Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard carves his way down the lush Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, throwing down big whips and endless style on an old favourite, and doing his part to shape the trail for riders to follow.

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