Top Fuel

The Top Fuel is a quick, short-travel 29er trail bike that’s perfect for riders who like to stay pinned both up and down the trail. It’s lighter and snappier than a trail bike, but it’s a lot more forgiving on rowdy descents than a true cross-country bike. It’s the best of both worlds, and a hell of a lot of fun in the dirt.

MBUK's Trail Bike of the Year 2022

The Top Fuel 8 earnt high praise from MBUK for its updated geometry, a build that's up for anything and suspension that feels deeper than the sum of its parts when the trail gets rowdy.

Enduro’s Best Down-country Bike of 2022

The Top Fuel earned top honours in Enduro’s round-up of best down-country rippers, thanks to the bike’s clean look, practical details and progressive suspension.

Trail-eating geometry


10+ mm more reach per size than the previous Top Fuel for more confidence


66-degree head tube angle is 1.5 degrees slacker than previous models making it stable at high speeds and on descents


Mino Link lets you fine tune your frame geometry on the go. Keep it slack and low for confidence or flip it for quicker handling.

Rip down and rocket up any trail with the Top Fuel’s capable and efficient suspension. 120 mm of travel front and rear gives you enough squish to take bigger hits while a low leverage rate and high anti-squat ensure that this bike jumps forward with every pedal stroke.

Optimised anti-squat = Snappy pedalling support

The Top Fuel's efficient pedalling comes from a forward pivot on the seat tube that provides optimal, near-constant anti-squat through the entire travel. So, regardless of where you are in the travel, the bike accelerates when you push on the pedals.

Steeper seat tube

A steeper seat tube means that you're pushing down on the pedals while also keeping front wheel weighted.

Knock Block 2.0

Removable Knock Block 2.0 still keeps cables from getting yanked out in a crash and protects the top tube, but now it provides 72 degrees of turning radius.

Mino Link

Mino Link lets you fine tune your frame geometry on the go. Stay in low for a slack 66-degree head tube angle. Flip it for a quicker 66.5-degree head tube angle and a 7-mm higher bottom bracket for more ground clearance.

Additional MTB Options

Fuel EX

If you’re going to get just one mountain bike, make it this one. The Fuel EX is fast on singletrack, capable in the rough and fun wherever you ride it.