Gear and clothing containing recycled material

We’ve expanded our use of recycled materials in Trek and Bontrager products to lighten our footprint, divert waste from landfills and oceans, and become an even more conscious global citizen.

Each of the products shown here contains recycled materials, and each was made using manufacturing techniques that are friendlier on the planet. Together, they represent a big stride in our overall sustainability goals. The best part? This is only the beginning.

Recycled plastic beads

We’ve partnered with organisations like Bureo and Plastiq, which are focused on converting discarded and potentially ocean-bound plastics into usable material. It’s a multi-stage process that begins with capturing end-of-life plastics and ends with creating plastic pellets that can be injection-moulded into products like our Bat Cage and the cores of Bontrager XR Trail Grips.

The process

Our partners capture end-of-life and potentially ocean-bound plastics like discarded fishing nets, ropes and other rigid plastics. That reclaimed content is cut down and converted into small plastic beads, which can then be heated and injection-moulded into products that you use every day on your bike.

The process

It all starts with discarded plastic water bottles, which are then converted into plastic pellets, made into yarn and finally woven into fabric used in Trek jerseys.

Recycled rubber

We also reprocess scrap rubber – including early- and late-run tubes and those that fail to meet our testing standard – into recycled rubber, which is mixed with virgin material and accounts for 5–8% of our standard tubes by volume.

Road clothes that contain recycled material

Tyres that contain recycled material

Grips and tape that contain recycled material

Cages that contain recycled material

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