Take it all with you


The longtail Transport cargo bike is the ultimate in two-wheeled urban utility. Its strong, lightweight frame and serious hauling capacity make it the fun way to get the job done.

This is the bike for those who have baggage, and are proud to take it with them. Transport expands what's possible by bike. Haul groceries, gear, books, life.


  1. Large-capacity cargo bag

    Super-durable ballistic nylon cargo bag can fit two paper grocery bags side by side. Internal pockets make it easy to keep track of smaller items.

  2. Longtail design

    Extended wheelbase on the longtail frame can handle whatever you need to haul.

  3. Urban practicality

    Transport comes equipped to handle any situation. Folding load racks, fender, front rack, double-legged kickstand.

  4. Fewer flats

    Flat-resistant, weather-worthy Bontrager Hard-Case tires keep you rolling, day in and day out.

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