Lush 29


Live the Lush life! Our full suspension 29er mountain bike fits women of all sizes, and boasts a sleek frame, loads of Trek trail tech, and a comfortable, fun, stable ride.

Lush fits you and the terrain perfectly so you can hit the trails with confidence, test your skills and come back grinning. Because we think grownups deserve recess too.

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  1. Best-fitting women’s MTB

    Exclusive Women’s Specific Design (WSD) features best-in-class standover for confidence, plus saddle, grips, and other contact points sized for you.

  2. 29er confidence

    29" wheels give you ultimate control, stability, and confidence on the trail, plus the efficiency to tackle trail and XC riding.

  3. DRCV all-terrain control

    Our two-chamber DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) shock gives you coil performance at air shock weight, for smooth, seamless, all-terrain control.

  4. Smooth, controlled braking

    Our patented ABP (Active Braking Pivot) keeps your suspension from stiffening up when you're on the brakes, giving you confident, steady control.

Weight distribution feels perfectly centered both uphill and (especially) downhill, where you can let the bike fly with no fear of the front wheel washing out or dropping into holes. The Lush's geometry is one of few that give women the same aggressive trail position that the boys enjoy. It's designed to go fast and fit right…Special to the Lush is a smaller rear shock and higher leverage ratio than on the men's bikes. This allows lighter riders to use more air pressure for optimal performance.

Selene Yeager
Bicycling’s Fit Chick

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