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I am looking to purchase a new bike. What size frame should I get?
It is too difficult for us to make an accurate recommendation as to what the best size for you would be without actually seeing you on the bike. We recommend visiting an authorized Trek dealer and being fit in person. They can help you determine the best size for you. Taking a test ride on different sizes is also helpful when trying to decide what is most comfortable for you.

Why aren't the weights listed in the specs on the website?

Why aren't the weights listed in the specs on the website?

Can I have my frame repainted at the factory?

We do offer a repaint program through our dealers. You can visit any authorized dealer in your area and they can show you the current paint and decal choices available. They can then quote you a price based on your choices. Unfortunately the Project One color schemes are not available for repaints.

Does Trek offer sponsorships?

At Trek we are passionate about the sport of Cycling and the promotion of good health and well being. In conjunction, Trek has extended sponsorship to programs, events and athletes that reflect our philosophy. Each year Trek receives hundreds of inquires pertaining to sponsorship, in order to evaluate, process and select the best qualified applicants Trek relies on our dealer network.

If you are interested in obtaining sponsorship from Trek Bicycle please start with your local Trek retailer. Athletes and programs strongly allied with our dealer network are given priority.

I have a crack in my frame, what do I do to find out if it is covered under warranty?

The first step is to take your bike to your local dealer to be evaluated. They can then determine if it is a warranty issue or not. Many cracks in carbon frames are non-structural paint cracks. If it is a structural crack , they can start the process to have the frame returned to us to be repaired or replaced. If it is not warranty, they can let you know what options you have.

If you have crashed your Trek carbon bike please see our Safety First Carbon Fiber Crash Replacement and Care Information and do not ride the bike! Again, take the bike to a Trek dealer for inspection.

I can't find my computer's instructions online. How can I get a copy?

If you send us what model (Sensor, Sonic, Radar, Fusion, Basic) computer and any numbers on the back, we would be happy to send you a copy of the instructions.

I crashed my carbon bike, is it OK to ride?

Please see our Safety First Carbon Fiber Crash Replacement and Care Information . If you have any doubt aboutyour Trek carbon fiber product, please see your nearest Trek family dealer.

How do I find the model year and/or specs for my older bike?

Due to the high number of models we have produced over the years, your local authorized dealer can best identify the model year of your bike. Unfortunately we do not have older specs electronically archived. If you need a particular component spec for your bike, please visit your local dealer or send us a digital picture and we would be happy to research it for you. You can find a dealer near you by using the Find a Dealer section on our website.

My bike was stolen. How can I find my serial number?

If you send us the full name, address, model number, and approximate purchase date you would have put on the card along with approximately when you registered the bike we would be happy to do a serial number search for you.

I'm experiencing chainsuck or chaindrop on my full suspension bike, what should I do?

All mountain bikes are prone to experience chainsuck or chaindrop. In most cases if you are experiencing these issues on your Fuel or Liquid, they can be remedied at your local Trek dealer.

Here are some of the common causes of these issues and possible solutions. It is important to remember that a bicycle is a machine, and this list attempts to address mechanical problems. It is not likely that occasional shifting issues will disappear completely from any bicycle.

1. Derailleur adjustment
2. Drivetrain maintenance (dirty or worn chainrings, un-lubricated or worn chain)
3. Component incompatibility (mismatched chain, chainrings or front derailleur)
4. Shifting habits (unplanned or high tension shifts will cause problems) 5. Inclement/severe riding conditions (increases occurrence and may lead to ongoing shifting problems on any bicycle model)
6. Some models of Fuels shipped with incompatible chainrings on the stock Bontrager crank. The offending rings can be identified by the 'V3' stamp on the middle ring itself. This ring can cause or add to shifting issues and should be replaced with the 'V5' version chainring. These replacement rings can be obtained through your local Trek dealer at no charge.
7. Frame alignment

The first six items on this list can be addressed by a local Trek dealer and by improving shifting and maintenance habits.

If these have been addressed and shifting performance does not improve then you may need a frame alignment evaluation. Alignment should be checked by an authorized Trek dealer who can work with our Technical Services department for a solution. The likely solution is for an authorized Trek dealer to install Adjustable Chainline Bushings that allow the dealer to tune the alignment of a Fuel.

Part Number:
73118 V5 Chainring
243109 Adjustable Chainline Bushings