These athletes are about more than just competition—and that's where the term C3 comes from… for them, cinematics and creativity are equal to competition as a measure of success and source of inspiration.

The Riders

  • Andrew Shandro

    Andrew Shandro

  • Cam McCaul

    Cam McCaul

    United States
  • Brandon Semenuk

    Brandon Semenuk

  • Rene Wildhaber

    Rene Wildhaber

  • Ryan Howard

    Ryan Howard

    United States
  • Brett Rheeder

    Brett Rheeder

  • Ross Schnell

    Ross Schnell

    United States

Cam McCaul

A true showman and fan favorite in the freeride world, Cam McCaul continues to delight crowds not only by winning comps like Crankworx, but also by gracing the silver screen in numerous mountain bike films by some of the best filmmakers around, including Freeride Entertainment, Chainlink Productions, and Anthill Films. When he’s not turning tricks for the crowds, Cam hones his skills on his backyard pool jump in Aptos, CA.

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