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Trek Women's Specific Design (WSD) bikes embody our ground-up commitment to building a great-fitting, great-riding bike for every woman, no matter who you are or how you ride. It's no wonder we sell more women’s bikes each year than any other brand.

We've got your perfect bike, whether you ride the road to race or get fit or support a cause, ride the trails to get away or get dirty, ride the streets for fun or transport, or like to do it all.

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About Women's Specific Design /

WSD considers your bike as a complete system, from frame geometry to gearing to the many touchpoints that determine the fit and feel of your ride.


  • Road

    Power. Passion. Performance. These light, fast bikes have what it takes to keep you out front.

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  • Mountain

    Conquer any trail, from tame to treacherous, on the world's finest off-road bikes.

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  • City

    Bikes that let you live the two-wheeled life. Haul, commute, get fit, represent, have fun.

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The Lush has super-smooth handling, easy braking (important for smaller hands) and a very natural feel made for confident riding.

Mary Oswald
Demo rider, 9/6/11

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