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Last summer, Matt and Jason of IFHT Films set out to explore British Columbia’s Southern Chilcotin Mountains with Jess Findlay and Connor Stefanison, a pair of accomplished wildlife photographers who also happen to know how to shred on two wheels. They wanted to go far into the backcountry to capture the epic wildlife and landscapes that made the Chilcotins so famous.

But their plan presented a problem: how could these four adventurers, who’d been friends since childhood, get themselves and all the gear they needed far enough out there to capture the true spirit of the land?

The answer was Trek’s Powerfly e-MTB. As it turns out, electric mountain bikes are the perfect backcountry tool for covering a lot of ground while carrying backpacks weighing between 40 and 50 pounds. Over the course of three days, the crew ventured from their home base at Tyax Lodge on e-bike legal trails to take in these incredible views of wildlife and alpine landscapes.

Powerfly - Born to Explore

Powerfly electric mountain bikes give you more of what makes mountain biking great. They combine intuitive pedal-assist power with Trek’s decades of expertise in trail bike frame and suspension design so you can ride more often, cover more ground, and clean climbs you never thought possible.

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Meet the crew

Jess Findlay

Jess Findlay is a Vancouver-based nature photographer who specializes in wildlife and landscapes. Among other honors, he was awarded Nature’s Best Photography by NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His work has been featured in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the London Natural History Museum, and the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Connor Stefanison

Connor Stefanison is a photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. He’s worked for Audubon, National Geographic, and BBC. In 2015, he was honored with the Rising Star Portfolio Award by NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

IFHT Films

Matt and Jason have built their film business and popular YouTube channel from their love of mountain bikes and humor. The duo is based out of Vancouver. Despite claiming they only ride park, they’ve been known to enjoy all sorts of riding.

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These trail-tough and commute-ready hardtails are built with dependable parts and the latest in e-MTB frame design, and they’re ready to take on everything from singletrack adventures to rugged daily commutes.

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Fly over rough terrain, scramble up loose climbs, and take on bigger trail adventures with the latest mountain bike technology and the best in electric-assist components.

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