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Trek's School of Certified Service announces 2018 women’s-focused assembly technician scholarship course!

July 16-20, 2018
Trek Certified Service|Trek Global Headquarters|Waterloo, WI

Apply for a chance to join us on a full-ride scholarship from Trek Certified Service!

The 2018 female-focused Assembly Technician course is focused on training skills for proper bicycle assemblies. It is also an ideal supplemental training resource for sales staff interested in learning more about this crucial service aspect of a bicycle business.

Trek’s School of Certified Service teaches best-in-class repair standards, while emphasizing how to grow an individual’s work load and abilities. This unique course establishes a clear lineage to a career path and long-term employment in the cycling service industry, while stressing the importance of proficiency, professionalism, and customer experience.

Now is your chance to apply for one of 12 spots in the assembly technician course. Each accepted student will receive a full scholarship from Trek Certified Service!

A Trek Certified Service certificate will be granted to all who pass the course. The application deadline is Friday May 18th, 11:59pm CST APPLY NOW

Each awarded scholarship includes free tuition for the course, hotel accommodations, travel stipend, and meals for the duration of the program. Each scholarship award has an approximate total value of $3,000. Scholarships will be awarded based on the qualifications of the entrant, as well as the quality of the answers provided to the application questions.

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