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Bonesaw Cross Classic

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The World Championships of Trek

On a cool day each fall, the office closes early and we trade our computers for cyclocross bikes to pay homage to the spirit of our sport’s most entertaining and debaucherous discipline.

The employee-only cyclocross race, which has traditionally been hosted by the Assistant Road Marketing Manager, is all the best parts of cyclocross racing—heckling, bacon, a flyover—plus a little extra.

It’s the little things that keep an office operating smoothly. Things like shark costumes, a narwhal, and watching the VP eat it over a pile of old tires. Where else can you cheer (or jeer) a Santa suit-clad CFO through a flock of geese and over a hay bail?

At the Bonesaw, some of us take it seriously and some of us take the beer hand-ups. All of them. Because that's what cyclocross is really about, right? And at the end of the day, a champion is crowned. His or her prize? The chance to defend next year.


Our fastest, smoothest, lightest cyclocross bike ever, with competition-crushing race geometry and our exclusive course-smoothing IsoSpeed technology.

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Ride Crockett and win. Every feature of this aluminum cyclocross bike is built to race and hard wired for victory: race geometry, brake options, cross-proven components.

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