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Brandon Semenuk: Top 10 moments of past 10 years

At 25 years old, Brandon Semenuk has been riding a Trek for 10 years. He's easily the youngest 10-year veteran the bike industry has ever seen. Even more amazing is what Brandon has accomplished in the past decade while with Trek. Let's take a moment to enjoy on ten notable moments and then celebrate the past ten years with a brand new Revel Co. video.

2006: Trek Signs Semenuk

The story goes like this. In 2006, Trek pro rider and North Vancouver local, Andrew Shandro, was at the Whistler dirt jumps with his young son. A 14-year old Brandon Semenuk was there sessioning the dirt jumps. He was good beyond his years. He was also kind. He helped Andrew's young son around the dirt jumps. Andrew talked with young Brandon and hooked him up with frame support from Trek. Ten years later, it's still the best frame we've ever given away.

Brandon Semenuk wins Red Bull Rampage

In 2008 the Red Bull Rampage returned from a three year hiatus. With its return came a new 17-year old competitor on a new Trek downhill bike, the Session 88. Brandon Semenuk put the world on notice that he was much more than just a trick contest rider. He elevated the expectations for Rampage by going every bit as big and tricking every feature on his line.

UnReal One-Shot Breaks the Internet

Going "viral" is an overused expression. However, Brandon Semenuk, Anthill Films and Teton Gravity Research did just that. They created one of the most viewed videos on the internet by going with a simple concept requiring all sorts of skill and preparation to pull off. One run filmed in one continuous shot. It was the video that put Brandon in front of millions of people and helped to elevate moutain biking and action sport films for all the right reasons.

Brandon Makes a Bike

Brandon Semenuk has always been very in tune with his bikes. His nuanced feel and understanding of bike geomentry has helped Trek develop and refine new mountain bikes. The Ticket S is the competition slopestyle bike that Brandon Semenuk and the C3 Project helped create. For five years, the bike was not offered to the public. Instead it was a team-only edition frame. Every year, subtle and not-so-subtle refinements to the bike were made based on input from Brandon and team riders. In 2013, the Ticket S was finally made available to the public.

First Podium: Crankworx 2007

In 2007, Brandon was just getting started on the contest scene. Crankworx Whistler was the biggest event, but it was also his hometown. Brandon finished in third place that year. It was a sign of things to come for this youngster including more contest domination including four years later where Brandon would win the Crankworx Whistler for the first of four times.

Life Behind Bars

Brandon Semenuk helped to popularize the web series within mountain biking. In 2012, Brandon, Freeride Entertainment and Red Bull created "Life Behind Bars," a web series that chronicled Brandon and his friends unique mountain bike lifestyle. Each episode was met with anticipation and brought the mountain bike community together. It became scheduled viewing for mountain bikers everywhere. Life Behind Bars ran for 3 wonderful years.

Custom Paint and the Furry Phase

Progress can take many forms. Sometimes progress can take the form of helping to create new manufacturing techniques. Back in 2011, Brandon sent a picture of a wolf to Trek Project One painter Eric Heth. Brandon wanted his bike painted to look like a wolf. It turned out reasonably well. But then they kept experimenting with other animals. Over the course of a season, Trek Project One developed new paint techniques that can be traced back to Brandon's custom frames.

Brandon Builds the Yard

It's not easy training to be the top slopestyle rider in the world. Unlike basketball, there are not courts and teams readily available. In 2011, Brandon pioneered a novel concept. He acquired a property on the west coast of British Columbia with a chunk of sloped land. He built his own backyard slopestyle course where he could practice and develop new tricks. Progression, podiums, and a few jaw-dropping edits soon followed.

Four-Time Crankworx Whistler Champion

For slopestyle events, there is no bigger event than Crankworx Whistler's Joyride. It is the signature slopesyle event. The biggest crowd on the biggest course with all the top riders at the end of the season. It can make a career or the pressure can crack riders. For Brandon Semenuk, it's been a little bit of both. On top of that, it's held in his hometown which makes it even more special. Brandon medaled 7 of the 9 years he's competed and won the event in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 to be the only 4-time Joyride winner.

Semenuk takes on filming

Filming has always been part of Brandon's mountain bike career. Brandon's first film segment was in 2009's New World Disorder 9. In 2014, Red Bull Media House, Freeride Entertainment and Brandon raised the stakes and created "Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company." It was an ambitious mountain bike film that saw Brandon and friends putting together some of the biggest, best produced segments ever. "All killer, no filler." It set the stage for his 2015 film project, Revel in the Chaos, a self-produced short every bit as good as films from the major studios.

10 Year | Brandon Semenuk X Trek Bikes

In ten years things have changed dramatically. Need proof? Enjoy this Revel Co. video that gives a nod to the past ten years while looking forward to the future.