A great ride starts with the perfect fit. Find yours.

Comfort on every ride is the key to getting the most out of your bicycle, whether you’re a casual rider or dedicated athlete. Comfort and performance begin with fit, but dialing it in on your own can be a challenge. That’s why Trek Bicycle Stores will work with you to perfect your riding position and help you ride more comfortably while improving performance.

Trek Precision Fit uses advanced technologies and an in-depth consultation process that focuses on your goals and preferences, not anyone else’s. Our experienced technicians consider your injury history, physical conditioning, flexibility, and personal goals to optimize your bike position.

Precision Fit Packages

Trek Bicycle Stores offer several fit packages for different riders. Check out the descriptions below or contact your shop if you’re not sure which option is best for you. We’re always here to help.

The Sizing Session

£50, 45 minutes
We will always make sure your new bike purchase is the right size, but this comprehensive sizing session takes pre-purchase fit considerations a step further to take the guess work out of frame sizing. Detailed measurements from our custom fit bike and an in-depth consultation ensure an optimal fit at all contact points, including handlebars, saddle, and pedals.

Level 1 Fit

£120, 1 ½ hour
Increase comfort and efficiency on the bike with a one-on-one consultation focused on your goals and any existing fit or comfort issues. Our custom fit bike and motion capture analysis to will be used to dial in your optimal riding position, and we will adjust your bike and make component suggestions accordingly. This package is perfect any rider looking for more comfort on every ride.

Level 2 Fit

£200, 2 – 2 ½ hour
This package includes a more in-depth pre-screening assessment and analysis of your physiology and riding tendencies, allowing our technicians to address complicated issues of discomfort or detailed performance goals. The fit includes all the same services as Level 1, in addition to knee tracking and crank length analysis. This package is ideal for dedicated athletes or those with a history of discomfort on the bike.

Time Trial Fit

£250, 2 – 2 ½ hour
This package includes the same detailed consultation and analysis as our Level 2 Fit, but is aimed specifically at triathletes or time trialists looking to optimize their riding biomechanics and improve their aerodynamic profile while factoring in the unique demands of these event.

Additional Fit Services

Position Matching

£30, 30 minutes
Use the report from your Precision Fit sizing session to dial in comfort and performance on your other bikes.

Additional Position

£95, 1 ½ hours
Riders who ride different types of bikes (Road, MTB, CX, TT) can add a second position to their Precision Fit at a discounted price.

Shoe and Cleat Set Up

£95, 1 ½ hours
Shoe and Cleat Set Up is a thorough assessment of your foot dimensions and cleat placement aimed at helping to prevent long-term injury while increasing your power and efficiency on the bike. Let us take the guess work out of your cleat position and experience the benefits of improved pedaling dynamics and foot control.

We're here to help

Our staff is passionate about helping you achieve a better experience on the bike. No matter what your goals, we’ll find the right technician to help you reach them. Consider booking an appointment with one of our experts today:

Jon Dillon

Jon brings a consultation-based analytic approach to Precision Fit. He has extensive experience working with cyclists of all disciplines and ability levels, and is passionate about injury prevention at all levels of the sport. Jon specializes in performance road positions, and has recent experience working with several road riders in the pro peloton.