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Want to improve comfort and performance on your bike? Schedule a professional fit at Penn Cycle today!

Here’s a simple truth: if you’re uncomfortable when you ride your bike, you won’t ride it as often. But a professional bike fit not only ensures your set up has you wanting to ride as much as possible—it’s also the easiest way to take your performance to the next level while mitigating the risk of overuse injuries.

Explore the options below and schedule a fit today!

Recreational Bike Fit

Free with any new bike purchase ($45 value)
Proper seat adjustment, up/down and fore/aft
Stem height adjustment
Brake lever positioning and reach adjustment
Basic instruction on how to operate your new bicycle
Fit performed in shop followed by a test ride
This fit takes 15-20 minutes

Performance Bike Fit

Free with any bike purchase over $1500 ($75 value)
Recreational bike fit plus:
Body measurements taken using industry-standard “fit kit” system
Fit performed on our in-house fit station trainer
Flexibility + stem length and handlebar width assessment
Shoe cleats installed based on fit kit body measurements
This fit takes 50-60 minutes

Comprehensive Guru Fit

$250 for road / mountain bikes $300 for TT / tri bikes
Identify concerns and measureable objectives
Musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and kinematic evaluation (off/on bike)
Optimal weight distribution (saddle, handlebar, wheels)
Foot / shoe / pedal stroke alignment (mechanical / kinematic)
Handlebar and basic component installation (no extra fees)
And more!
This fit takes 2-4 hours (2-3 sessions)

Complex Guru Fit

$400 for road / mountain / TT bikes
Comprehensive Guru Fit plus:
Electomyograph assessment (muscle imbalances, neuro function, etc.)
Access to the Advanced Biomechanics Lab (BTS Sports Lab in Studio B)
For issues ranging from persistent discomfort to muscle imbalances
This fit is for those requiring more than 3 visits
This fit takes 3+ sessions

Call your prefered location to schedule your fit today!

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