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Day 3 – A ride through the ocean

Although it is less than six miles long, the Atlantic Ocean Road–a section of highway that extends into the Sea of Norway along one of the country’s most picturesque archipelagos–has been the site of countless automobile commercials and been deemed “the world’s best road trip.” It is swarmed with stopped cars and tourists taking pictures during peak season.

In the depths of winter, however, we were the only ones on the road.

We had been anticipating this portion of the trip perhaps more than any other. This is one of those rare locations where human development eschews its typically destructive pattern to complement the environment that surrounds it. Brightly colored fishing villages welcomed us along our journey as we pedaled from one rocky island to the next over bridges that would not have looked out of place in a science-fiction movie.

The Atlantic Ocean Road put us right on the boundary between two worlds.

The phrase “living on the edge” has new meaning when you feel as if you are riding through the ocean. Entirely surrounded by shoreline, this was exactly the sensation we experienced as we crossed the Storseisundet Bridge.

Even the best rides must come to an end.

This was the perfect conclusion to a journey that was nothing short of spectacular. The assortment of landscapes we experienced in just three days would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. This ride was one for the memory books, and while we can share the photos and tell the stories, it’s hard not to feel as if we are selling this place short.

And that’s the mark of an irreplaceable experience.

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