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Day 2 – The light at the end of the tunnel

We came to the Norway to test winter gear, and on Day 2, our wish was granted in dramatic fashion. Riding high from the picture-perfect day before, no one was phased to see a bit of snow falling as we sipped our morning coffee and joked over a warm breakfast.

What started as a light dusting soon progressed into steady flurries, and by the time we ventured out onto the road, nearly six inches of snow had fallen. This is what winter in the Nordic Lands is all about.

The Nordic Lands are rugged and wild, as stunningly beautiful as they are demanding.

Riding in harsh conditions is always something of a mixed bag. The frigid air burns your lungs. Your body becomes rigid, as if it were becoming one with the frozen environment itself. But the satisfaction that comes with persevering through the cold simply can’t be replicated in Lucca or San Sebastián. These rides are for the bold and the strong.

Over the pass and into clear skies

Persevere we did, in no small part thanks to the impressive performance of the S2 Winter Ride System. As we crested the final climb of the day, the reward for a hard day’s work was plainly in front of us. Clear skies and a pristine, winding descent to Eresfjord provided a much-needed relief from the looping self-talk and discerning gear analysis that had dominated our thoughts for much of the day.

The descent led to a long tunnel, and almost as if on cue, the light at its end marked the end of this epic ride.

We returned home full of smiles and more appreciative of the pleasures that would greet us inside—a warm meal, a crackling fire, and a supple sofa to read and reflect on the day.

The adventure doesn’t stop here. See our ride across one of Europe’s most iconic bridges.

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