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Day 1 – Blue skies, big climbs, and trolls

Mother nature gave us a warm welcome to Norway. We awoke the first day to big, blue skies, eager to get out on the road and explore our surroundings. It’s almost impossible not to ride when the day feels like a gift, and this one certainly did.

Buzzing with excitement, we knew today’s ride would be a long one. Sun up to sun down.

This meant apparel choices would require a bit more thought, as we needed clothing that would stand out as the lighting changed throughout the day. We know the formula for such outings—fluorescent at day, reflective at night. The S1 kit and Bontrager Daytime Running Lights were obvious choices.

Hesitation doesn’t get you far in new surroundings, so we decided to jump begin our journey with a long day of climbing beneath the famous “Troll Wall.” The tallest vertical rock wall in Europe, and rising sharply to multiple jagged, broken peaks, the Troll Wall has long been a source of inspiration for those with a wild side. A choice destination for climbers and base jumpers alike, we naturally felt at home.

No filter required. These views are best left to shine in their natural beauty.

The sights that day were dominated by highly noticeable natural features. Such a location was a perfect reminder of the key to standing out in your environment—contrast. With fluorescent during the day and reflective on at night, the S1 kit provided round-trip visibility.

Sun Down, lights on.

Once the sun disappeared behind the granite wall ahead of us, front and rear lights ensured the state of our legs would be the only factor in deciding when the ride was over.

Fluorescent during the day. Reflective at night. One kit for round trip visibility.

The adventure doesn’t stop here. See where the excursion took us once the snow began to fly.

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