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Marlin must-haves for new bike owners

If Marlin is your first-ever bike (or your first in quite a while), pat yourself on the back. You’ve chosen one of our all-time greatest models, loved the world over for its versatility and fun on everything from dirt to daily commutes. Set yourself up for an awesome new bike experience with a few choice accessories for on-the-bike adventure and at-home repairs.

Bontrager Elite Large Seat Pack

This go-to seat pack installs quickly on your Marlin and stays in place wherever you ride. It’s lightweight and durable and has extra room for carrying your on-bike essentials.

Bontrager Air Support HV Pump

This hand pump is easy to carry on your Marlin (it mounts directly to your frame with the included attachment) and is built with a large chamber that makes it easier and faster to inflate larger-volume tires.

Bontrager Tire Lever

Tire levers are a must-have for changing flats on the fly and swapping tires at home. These small but mighty tools come in a pair that stacks, so they're easy to stow in a seat pack.

Bontrager Comp Multi-Tool

A multi-tool gives you peace of mind on every ride. This one covers the basics for roadside adjustments and minor repairs with a variety of hex, Phillips, flat, and T25 tools. Plus, it’s compact and easy to tuck away.

Bontrager Elite Multi-Tool

The Elite Multi-Tool has the same essential tools in an ultra-slim, lightweight, and elegant design that makes it easy to carry on every ride.

Bontrager Standard Bicycle Tube

It’s always a good idea to have a few tubes on hand—and it’s highly recommended to carry at least one on every ride so you can keep rolling even if you experience a puncture. Choose the right size for your Marlin tires.

Bontrager Charger Floor Pump

A reliable floor pump is a luxury that’s truly worth it. After all, nothing slows a cyclist down like under-inflated tires. Bontrager’s Charger has a durable steel barrel, easy-to-read gauge, and auto-select head for Presta and Schrader valves.

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