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Products of our environment

As cyclists, we always appreciate our surroundings when we ride on the road. It’s what drives us to continue exploring new routes or travel great distances for destination rides.

Admiring the astounding ingenuity behind the roads themselves, however, is a less familiar experience. Yet once we witnessed the otherworldly locations and impossibly complex engineering of Norway’s roadways, we couldn’t help but be inspired. We were reminded that unique environments—especially those not easily manipulated by human development—provide unique inspiration for those who design and create. Riding in these one-of-a-kind locations spurs us to constantly reimagine what makes for the best cycling gear.

Norway’s landscape is a clear exhibition of the powerful forces of nature. Deep fjords, or inlets, have eroded narrow paths through a coastline of steep, jagged peaks. Their presence is a reminder of the dynamic nature of everything that surrounds us.

Weather conditions are the ultimate example of this phenomenon. We were lucky to experience incredibly diverse conditions during our trip, and while each day brought dramatically different views and weather, all of them brought delightful memories. Come explore with us.