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Bontrager Lightweight Presta Valve Factory Overstock Bicycle Tube

$6.00 - $10.00 $12.99 - $15.99 Model 31120

A lightweight, .6mm wall thickness tube that helps reduce rotational weight.

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Lighter tubes for faster wheels

Improve the performance of your bike by reducing rotational weight with Bontrager Lightweight tubes. They feature a slimmer butyl wall to improve ride feel and reduce weight.

Product details

  1. 0.6mm wall thickness
  2. Equipped with removable valve cores
  3. 100% inspected for guaranteed quality
  4. Go green and save green - Zero packaging means zero waste and zero extra cost

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Size 26" x 1.75-2.125", 36mm 29" x 1.9-2.35", 36mm 650C x 18-25mm, 48mm 700C x 18-25mm, 80mm
Diameter 26" 29" 650C 700C
Width 1.75-2.125" 1.9-2.35" 18-25mm 18-25mm
Length 36mm 36mm 48mm 80mm
Valve Presta Presta Presta Presta
ETRTO 50/57-559 50/54-622 18/25-571 18/25-622
Weight 130g 211g 60g 65g
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Weights are based off Trek pre-production products at time of publication. Weights may vary in final production.

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