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Technology powered, design inspired

The Ellipse Moderate Men's saddle features a central anatomic hole for pressure relief, shaping designed specifically for men's anatomy, and 3D Skingel to guarantee maximum comfort in the ischial and perineal areas.

To guard against impacts and abrasions, the Ellipse also features Double Cover, a double-layer material applied to the sides of the saddle to double resistance against impacts and abrasions.

Product details

  1. Designed for a 60 degree moderate riding posture
  2. Anatomic saddle with a central opening designed for pressure relief
  3. Royalgel features high absorption to reduce pressure peaks
  4. Rear elastomers work both vertically and horizontally for non-deformable performance
  5. Completely sealed and water resistant
  6. Side guards protect from bumps and scratches for longevity

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Size 280mm x 180mm
Length 280mm
Width 180mm
Rail dimensions Round 7x7mm (Standard)
Rail material Steel
Weight 535g
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