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Bontrager Velvetack Visibility Handlebar Tape

$39.99 Model 13389
A plush tape with a smooth, comfortable grip and reflective cut-aways for added visibility.
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Noticeably more comfortable

This is the handlebar tape you need if you feel your bike needs a bit more to stand out. Reflective tape makes you that much more visible when out on the open road. Finishing strips and Bontrager bar ends included.

Product details

  1. Reflective tape increases visibility for maximum safety
  2. Smooth velvety texture provides confidence inspiring comfort and grip
  3. Shock-absorbing foam for added comfort
  4. Finishing strips and reflective Bontrager bar end plugs included
  5. Adhesive backing

How To: Wrap Bar Tape

For the riders of Trek-Segafredo, having the best bar tape for the ride is an important part of being ready to attack the road. Keep watching to learn how Service Course Manager, Kenneth van de Wiele, wraps bar tape for the pros.

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Material Microfiber
Weight 130g

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