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Horton Collection Eddy Merckx 1967 Paris-Nice Lithograph

$175.00 $325.00 Model 14228
Limited edition lithographs autographed by Eddy Merckx
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Legendary home décor

The motorcycle brigade of journalists stay close at bay as a young Eddy Merckx dismisses the rain and rides transfixed on the road ahead. A decisive point in the race, he powers off the front of the pack on his way to a solo Stage 2 victory at the 1967 Paris-Nice.

Product details

  1. Lithograph hand-signed by Eddy Merckx
  2. 24"(61cm) x 20" (51cm)
  3. Each is unique and every one is an authentic piece of cycling history
  4. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Horton Collection
  5. Items will not be available for purchase from Nov. 30-Dec. 6th due to reindeer tune-up
  6. All sales are final

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