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Skratch Labs - Trek Sport Hydration Mix 20-Serving Pouch

$19.99 Model 29526
A light tasting, no-nonsense sports drink you can drink anytime you're sweating.
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Ride bikes. Have fun. Stay hydrated.

The Skratch Labs-Trek Hydration mix provides the electrolytes you need to get through that next epic ride.

A palatable blend of fruit, the right electrolyte profile, and less sugar than conventional sports drinks lead to a fast-absorbing mix that replaces what you lose through sweat.

Product details

  1. Non-GMO + gluten free + dairy free + vegan + kosher
  2. Contains almost 2x the key electrolytes than leading national sports drinks
  3. Flavored with real fruit
  4. Hydrates faster than water alone

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