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Tifosi Crit Fototec Sunglasses 

$79.99 Model 22519
A performance sunglass that will stay in place and not distract during high output activities.
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Aerodynamic lines and engineered ventilation specialize the Crit for endurance sports. Adjustable arm and nose pieces specialize the Crit for you.

Fototec lenses adapt to your environment, transmitting less light to your eye when it’s more sunny and transmitting more light as the day becomes night, providing an ideal moment-to-moment tint.

Product details

  1. Aerodynamic lines and engineered ventilation specialize for endurance sports
  2. Frames made of Grilamid TR-90, a homopolyamide nylon
  3. Extremely high bending strength and high resistance to chemical and UV damage
  4. Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a no-slip fit
  5. Adjustable ear and nose pieces for a customizable, comfortable fit
  6. Anti-fogging vented lenses improve air circulation, 100% harmful UV protection
  7. Fototec lenses adapt to the environment providing an ideal moment-to-moment tint
  8. Sunglass case included

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