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Saris Trainer Boost Thru Axle 148x12

$59.99 Model 32506
Quickly make your thru axle bike ready for indoor training sessions.
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Wheel accomodating

For the thru axle bike that needs to serve some time on the trainer, the Saris Trainer Thru Axle is the perfect solution. It fits most 142-148 thru axle bikes with a 1.5 thread pitch, and is designed for Saris basic trainers.

Product details

  1. Adapts a thru axle hub bike for a trainer
  2. Only compatible with current basic trainers
  3. Fits most 142-148 thru axle bikes with 1.0 or 1.75 thread pitch
  4. Threaded on both sides to fit Syntace and Maxle/ABP style thru axle systems
  5. Includes thru axle, washers, and end caps with bolts
  6. Not compatible with JetFluid Pro, SuperMagneto Pro, PowerBeam Pro, or PowerSync

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