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Saris TD1 Trainer Desk

$329.99 Model 32499
Enhance your indoor trainer setup and turn it into a multitasking centerpiece.
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Trainer mission control

Every training room needs a control center, and the TD1 is more than equipped for the job. Featuring built-in power strip with 2 AC and 2 USB outlets, this indoor trainer desk was designed to keep everything you need charged, organized and close at hand.

Its roomy 12” x 20” table top is made from laminated birch for easy clean up, and is supported by stainless, corrosion resistant steel sourced from America’s heartland.

Product details

  1. Built-in power strip with 6-foot AC cord
  2. Adjustable height from floor: 40" (102 cm) to 55" (140 cm)
  3. 12" (30 cm) x 20" (50 cm) laminated birch wood top
  4. Built-in cable management and stainless steel hardware

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