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Saris Aluminum Rollers

$299.99 Model 32497
Build confidence in your bike handling skills, including balance, control and ability to ride a straight line.
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Take on any race, club ride or weekend adventure with confidence. When you add Saris rollers into your training routine, you'll increase your balance, control and ability to ride a straight line — all of which translate to more efficiency, power and technique on the road.

Product details

  1. Aluminum roller drums run silent and smooth
  2. Precision-lathed 3.25" aluminum roller drums won't distort in heat or sunlight
  3. Fold flat or stand on end for convenient storage
  4. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  5. 16" wide base fits just about any size of bike and allows room to move around
  6. Adjustable belt for right and left dismount
  7. Roller uses zero moving parts to deliver quiet magnetic resistance
  8. Adjustable axle-to-axle wheelbase from 37.5" to 44.5"

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Adjustable feet Yes
Adjustable resistance No
Foldable stand No
Skewer No
PC compatible No
Quick setup Yes

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