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CycleOps H2 Smart Trainer

$1,199.99 Model 27088
Smart bike trainers connect seamlessly to your favorite virtual training applications without any extra gadgets.
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A precise workout every time

Using a smart trainer gives you easy access to entertainment and variety while you ride, and allows you to automatically measure power and performance.

Product details

  1. Electromagnetic resistance provides a precise workout every time
  2. Direct drive design features widest bike compatibility and quiet performance
  3. Integrated cadence and power data with no external sensors needed
  4. Seamlessly connects to virtual training apps with ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth 4.0
  5. Zwift enabled
  6. Cassette not included

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Adjustable feet Yes
Adjustable resistance Yes
Foldable stand Yes
Skewer Yes
PC compatible Yes
Quick setup Yes

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