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Burley Ballz Coho XC Cargo Trailer Thru Axle

$59.99 Model 26751

Enables connection of the Coho XC trailer to bikes with 12mm rear thru axles. 

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Durability and thoughtful design

A Burley Ballz Thru Axle is required for any bike with a 12mm rear thru axle to use the Coho XC.

Product details

  1. Includes both the thru axle and Ballz hitch mounts
  2. Stock thru axles are not able to accommodate axle mounted hitch systems
  3. Multiple thread pitches and lengths available
  4. Specially designed for use with the Coho XC trailer

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Model Ballz Thru Axle, 12x1, 142-148 Ballz Thru Axle, 12x1.5, 142-148 Ballz Thru Axle, 12x1.75, 142-148
Manufacturer part # 960212 960213 960214
Weight 272g 272g 272g
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