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Park Tool Tabletop Digital Scale

$33.99 Model 08162
The metal weighing surface is ideal for the shop environment and its oversized LCD display is easy to read even in low light conditions.
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Highly accurate tabletop scale is perfect for weighing small parts

When building that dream Project One, choosing components usually means every gram counts. When the time comes, the Park Tool DS-2 Tabletop Gram Scale will become a handy tool.

Product details

  1. Tare feature to exclude weight of container
  2. Switches easily between grams and ounces
  3. 3000 gram (106 oz) capacity
  4. Accurate to within 2g / 1000g, 2g / 2000g, 3g / 3000g
  5. Battery included (one of size CR2032)

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