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White Lightning Wet Ride

$8.99 - $12.99 Model 07409
Wet Ride excels over long distances and in the most extreme weather.
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A heavy-bodied synthetic lubricant

Wet Ride is a thicker, heavier bodied lubricant that is totally waterproof. Wet Ride is made using only premium synthetic oils and water repelling polymers. The result is a lubricant with unmatched film strength.

Product details

  1. Heavy bodied synthetic bike lubricant
  2. Perfect for ultra-long distances and extreme weather conditions
  3. Prevents rusting during stream crossing and salt-air rides

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Size 118mL (4oz), Drip 237mL (8oz), Drip
Volume 118mL (4oz) 237mL (8oz)
Delivery Drip Drip
Type Chain Lube Chain Lube

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