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Bontrager Bike Polish

$9.99 Model 23384
A high-performance bike polish that’s designed specifically for bicycles so you can keep them looking their best.
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Get your shine on

Make your bike shine with this bike specific polish. It features a gloss-enhancing formula that seals and protects the paint, while guarding against water, dust, and dirt so your bike looks as good as it rides.

Product details

  1. High-performance bike polish designed for all bikes and all paint finishes
  2. Proprietary formula is Trek's factory-recommended bike polish
  3. Safe on all paints, but may alter finish on matte paints
  4. Pleasing grape scent
  5. For easiest results, spray onto clean microfiber cloth and apply to clean bike
  6. 12 fl oz (355mL) spray bottle is easy to use and refillable
  7. Also available in 1g/3.8L bulk bottle for easy and economical refills
  8. Keep out of reach of children and do not ingest

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Size 355mL (12oz), Spray
Volume 355mL (12oz)
Delivery Spray
Type Polish

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