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Electra Surf Rack Longboard

$139.99 Model 12676
Perfect for surfers who like to ride more than just waves.
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Surf's up. Rack's on.

Strap your board on for easy transport to the nearest break.

Don't try to look all cool and hold your board while you ride. Save your strength for paddling out.

Product details

  1. Saddle cradles with 15mm straps keep your board safe and secure
  2. Short board rack features strong extruded aluminum clamp with durable anodized finish
  3. Longboard rack fits most surfboards up to 10ft in length (not designed for stand-up paddleboards)
  4. Longboard rack with adjustable-length arms fits most bikes with 26" wheels
  5. Rust-resistant hardware
  6. Lightweight alloy construction with capacity of 25kg or 55lb

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Size 26"
Rack type Rear racks
Material Aluminum
Weight 2470g

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