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Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chain Lock

$75.95 - $115.95 Model 11334
Through constant innovation, expert guidance, and never-ending commitment, Kryptonite ensures you can go where you want, when you want by offering smart, serious security solutions.
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High-security meets chain flexibility

The Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chain offers convenient bicycle protection in moderate to high crime areas, with the portability and flexibility of a protected chain.

Product details

  1. 10mm six-sided chain links are made of 3t manganese steel
  2. Disc-style cylinder and hardened deadbolt sends the right message to thieves
  3. Patent-pending, pinless link design secures chain to a hardened deadbolt
  4. Lock includes a multi-position carrying bracket and three stainless keys, one with a high-intensity LED
  5. Lifetime Warranty, Key Safe, Free Key # Registration & ATPO

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