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Bontrager Cable Combo Lock

$17.99 Model 26939
A combo cable lock that provides protection with an 8mm thickness.
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Love your bike, lock your bike

The Bontrager Combo Lock provides a key-free locking solution for simple, convenient security. Industry-leading corrosion protection is combined with a soft PVC coating for a lock that won't scratch your frame but will keep your bike safe.

Product details

  1. 8mm x 150cm cable provides easy-to-use versatile security
  2. Durable PVC coating looks great while protecting bike from scratches
  3. Combo dial features easy-to-read numbers designed to resist wear
  4. Security rating 2

More options


Security Rating 3

Security rating of 2 offers basic security and protection against theft. Great for locking your bike to take a quick stop in low risk areas.

Custom combinations

Make it easy to remember your combination by setting a custom combo for your lock—it's fast and simple.

More versatility

The length and flexibility of cable locks makes it easy to lock your bike and wheels to more objects and places.

Frame friendly

Protect the paint and finish of your bike while protecting it from theft. Bontrager locks are designed with non-abrasive finishes to keep your bike looking new.

Proven protection

We’ve partnered with ABUS, the global leader in locks, to offer best-in-class performance and security.

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