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Bontrager Flare R Rear Bike Light

$49.99 $49.99 Model 13202
A daylight-visible tail light with 65 Lumens of balanced light visible up to 2 kilometers away.
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Daytime visible from up to 2km away

Make every ride safer with the first tail light designed for daylight visibility. Flare R's balanced optics set off with a powerful CREE LED can be seen from over 2km day or night. 65 Lumens and 270 degrees of visibility help make you the biggest distraction on the road.

Product details

  1. 65 Lumens for visibility from over 2km day or night
  2. Be seen with balanced optics designed for 270 degree visibility near and far
  3. Two day-time visibility modes and two night modes
  4. Day modes: 65LM flash-5.75hrs, 35LM all-day-10hrs, 25LM steady-4.5hrs
  5. Night modes: 65LM flash-23hrs, 5LM steady-21hrs
  6. Battery save mode at 5% life helps ensure a safe ride home with depleted battery
  7. Quick connect bracket with 16 degree offset compensates for seatpost angle
  8. Includes Quick Connect bracket and USB charging cable

Flare R Rear Light Product Overview

A daylight-visible tail light with 65 Lumens of balanced light visible up to 2 kilometers away.

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Be the bigger distraction

A 2005 Danish study revealed a 30-50% reduction in crashes for cyclists using lights during the day. The Flare R tail light is the first light designed from the ground up for daylight visibility with a 2km range.

80% of accidents happen during the day

With bursts of 65 Lumens, balanced optics, and optimized flash patterns, the Flare R cuts through the chaos to help make drivers aware of your presence on the road, even in challenging lighting conditions like dawn and dusk.

40% of accidents are from behind

Statistics support that there’s no better way to increase safety on the road than by using a tail light. Choose the lower lumen setting for riding at night or saving battery life. Pick the brightest flash setting for grabbing attention during the day.

Cyclists overestimate their visibility by 700%

Day or night, it’s hard to know exactly when a driver sees you. A study conducted in 2012 revealed that cyclists overestimate their visibility by up to 700%. Use front and rear lights during the day and night as the first measure to increa¬se your visibility.


Rechargeable Yes
Battery 570 Li-Ion
Weight 36g

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