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BiKASE ElastoKASE Universal Phone Holder

$29.99 Model 22751

The ElastoKASE is a completely universal phone holder for any brand of phone, any size of phone and any size case on the phone. 

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For any brand of phone

The handle bar bracket works on any style handle bars from 24mm up to 31.8mm. With a simple 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock turn the ElastoKASE is securely mounted to the handle bar bracket and the reverse will easily remove the ElastoKASE. The rubber lined, gripping shock cord pulls tight around all 4 corners of the phone ensure the phone does not come out while riding and to prevent slippage.

Product details

  1. Anti-Slip Shock Cord holds phone secure
  2. Made from TPE, a flexible rubber
  3. Easy Mounting to bike or strollers
  4. 6.75" x 3-7/8″ (17.1 x 9.8cm)

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