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The ultimate portable tool system EnCase' of emergency

Durable, flexible storage sleeves make for a secure, clean place to stow EnCase System tools or other small items.

Fits most mountain bars and most road bars thanks to a storage sleeve with a customizable rubber flap that can be cut to meet your handlebars inner diameter.

Product details

  1. Fits most mountain handlebars and road handlebars, both carbon and aluminum
  2. Includes Hex Bit Wrench Multi-tool, a Chain + Tire Plug Multi-tool, two Storage Sleeves, and Drop Bar Fit Kit for larger-diameter road handlebars
  3. Hex Bit Wrench Multi-tool includes spoke wrench, valve core wrench, flat head #3.5, Phillips #2
  4. Also includes 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex, and T10, T25, and T30 Torx
  5. Chain & Tire Plug tool compatible with all bicycle chains including 12-speed
  6. Inserter tool and bacon strips (5 included) plug holes in tubeless tires
  7. Storage sleeves use vibration-damping material and snug fit to prevent rattling
  8. Aluminum end caps and custom fit rubber flap can be trimmed to fit smaller diameter bars (minimum internal diameter 17.5mm)

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Size Multi
Weight 134g
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