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We've always believed our brand is as much about the people who ride our bikes as it is the bikes themselves. To help you live the Electra life to the fullest, we brought our signature style and attention to detail into our full line of gear and accessories.


We like what's inside that head of yours. Protect it with a signature Electra helmet that's as safe as it is stylish. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, with or without MIPS technology.

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You've got stuff. We've got things to carry your stuff. Check out our full line of baskets with a variety of styles and sizes to match any bike.

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It's how you say "Hello" in Electra. It's also how you say "Scuse me" and " Whaaaaaazuuup." Kidding, nobody says that anymore. But seriously, check 'em out. There's a bell for every bike.

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Fender sets

Fenders are the best way to keep you clean. Whether you're riding in the rain or worried about a stray mud puddle, rocking an Electra fender adds some fashion to that function.

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Saddles & grips

You have three main points of contact on a bike. Hands, tush, feet. We've got two out of three covered here. As stylish as they are comfy, saddles and grips are a great way to customize your ride.

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This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy went to the beach. This little piggy chilled on the couch. Whatever you're doing, do it with awesome socks on.

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Bicycle covers

You can't be on your Electra 24/7. Sad, but true. When you need to stow it for a while or protect it from the elements, a nice bike cover will do the trick.

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Racks & carriers

A great way to carry your essentials while maintaining a low profile, racks and carriers are a no-brainer addition to any Electra. Check out a variety of styles here.

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Valve caps

They're small, but they say a lot. Trick out your rims with these sweet little pieces of flair with signature Electra style.

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Bike bling

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got bling. Streamers, badges, even handlebar flowers. Stop and smell the awesome.

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Like a fanny pack for your bike. It fits the things you really need, like your phone, keys, Chapstick, wallet, Star Wars action figure, etc.

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